Unboxing my #DailyGoodieBox of #FreeSamples (March 2019)

Prince & Spring – Jackpot Popcorn

I barely had my Daily Goodie Box opened before my son was grabbing for the popcorn. He loves when companies send popcorn and chips to try.

I had never heard of Jackpot before this month’s box. This delicious 90 calorie bag was a big hit. Love the sea salt. It was a perfect snack. I would definitely be interested in trying more flavors from Prince & Spring Jackpot Popcorn.


Gluten Free, Whole Grain, Vegan, Kosher, 90 Calories

For More Information:
Website: Prince & Spring – Jackpot Popcorn

Instagram: @PrinceandSpring
Twitter: N/A
Facebook: N/A

Fyve Beauty – Coconut Lime Lip Balm

 I wasn’t quite sure what to expect from this coconut lime lip balm I received in my Daily Goodie Box. I haven’t been into scented lip balm since I was a kid. It always alters the taste of my food, and I just don’t dig it. So I was already hesitant when I tried Fyve- Coconut Lime Lip Balm.

Let me tell you, I was pleasantly surprised. It was nice and light but definitely coconut lime. Almost tasted like a margarita. It really hydrated my lips and the scent didn’t bother me as much as I expected it would. My husband tried it and was a fan, too. This lip balm was a hit all the way around.

100% Natural, 5 ingredients or less, Coconut, Lime

For More Information:
Website: Fyve – Coconut Lime Lip Balm

Social Media:
Twitter: @Fyvebeauty
Facebook: @FYVEINC

Jessica’s All Natural Gluten Free Granola

 Let’s start this post by saying I love granola. Always have. I can just snack on a small bowl a granola and be completely satisfied. So when I saw that I was going to receive a sample of some granola in my Daily Goodie Box, I was quite excited.

Now, I don’t get crazy when it comes to flavors with my granola. I like just plain old granola flavored granola. This vanilla maple sample was amazing. Jessica’s All Natural Gluten Free Granola was a big hit with my son, as well. It wasn’t overly sweet with the  vanilla or maple. It was just the perfect crunchy bite of a delicious granola.

The only issue I have is that I don’t have more… Thank you, Daily Goodie Box for letting me try Jessica’s All Natural Gluten Free Vanilla Maple Granola. YUM! 

Gluten Free, No Cholesterol, Non GMO, Snack, Granola, Vanilla, Maple

For More Information:
Website: Jessica’s – All Natural Gluten-Free Granola

Instagram: @JessicasNaturalFoods
Twitter: @JessicasFoods
Facebook: @JessicasNaturalFoods

Hubs –  Virginia Salted Peanuts

I am pretty sure this is the second time I have been lucky enough to sample Hubs Salted Peanuts. These power packs are full of flavor, and leave me wanting more. The peanuts are pretty good size and have the perfect amount of salt. My husband really enjoyed these as well. We both agree, we need more Hubs Peanuts in our future.

Do yourself a favor and try Hubs Peanuts. You won’t be disappointed.

For More Information:
Website: Hubs – Virginia Salted Peanuts

Social Media:
Instagram: @HubsPeanuts
Twitter: @HubsPeanuts
Facebook: @HubsPeanuts

GLEEN –  Electronic Cleaning Cloth

We are a a family that enjoys electronics and what all they have to offer. But boy do they get dirty, especially with a four year old that has messy hands. We have many cleaning cloths around the house, but I am always ready to try a new cloth.

Daily Goodie Box included a GLEEN Electronic Cleaning Cloth in my box this month. It is super easy to use. You can use the cloth dry, OR you can get it damp and then get to cleaning. These cloths are also washable/reusable. How cool is that?

My GLEEN cloth did its job. I don’t think I have seen my son’s Fire Tablets so clean! I am a big fan of this electronic cleaning cloth. Now, I have to make sure I let me husband use it for his devices. Being an IT guy, I’m sure he will love it. I should get a box of these for his IT Team at work.

Cleaning, Electronics, Washable, Reusable

For More Information:
Website: GLEEN – Electronic Cloth

Social Media:
Instagram: N/A
Twitter: N/A
Facebook: @GleenCloth

Greenshield Organic – Lavender Laundry Detergent

I was lucky enough to try a sample of Greenshield Organic Lavender Laundry Detergent from my Daily Goodie Box. I really enjoy trying to detergents. I decided to use this sample on some wash cloths, hand towels and a big bath towel. I was hesitant at first, as I am not a huge Lavender person. I either love it or hate it. Some lavender scents can be a little too strong and unappealing to my nose. This detergent was one that I loved it. It was a gentle, soft scent and wasn’t overpowering at all. My towels came out nice and clean, with a light scent of lavender. I haven’t heard any complaints from the family, so I am guessing everyone likes it.

Organic, Laundry Detergent, Lavender, Cleaning

For More Information:
Website: Greenshield Organic – Lavender Organic Laundry Detergent

Social Media:
Facebook: N/A

Natralia – Eczema Moisturizing Lotion

Eczema can be quite irritating at times. Your skin gets so dry, it can hurt. Luckily, mine has gotten better over the years, but I see and feel little dry patches once in a while. Daily Goodie Box included a full size bottle of Natralia – Eczema Moisturizing Lotion to try this month.

While the lotion doesn’t have much of a scent (a lot don’t), my skin felt very hydrated and soft after using Natralia. There are a few other people I know that suffer from Eczema, and I am going to let them try as well. I have a feeling they will like it a lot. It’s nice to have choices in brands, especially if a newer brand may work better than our current lotion. Thank you to Daily Goodie Box and Natralia for sending such a big sample to try.

For More Information:
Website: Natralia – Eczema Moisturizing Lotion

Facebook: @NatraliaUSA

As you may know, from previous posts, I am not into sparkling water. I need my drinks to be sweeter, if you’re gonna add a fruity flavor to it. But with that being said, Daily Goodie Box sent a can of Avitae Caffeinated Sparkling Water in my box and I was a bit surprised.

While I still don’t like sparkling water, I do have to say that Avitae had the best tasting sparkling water that I’ve had. I tried the strawberry kiwi and it had a great flavor to it, just still isn’t sweet enough for me to enjoy.

If you like sparkling water, definitely try Avitae. Best flavoring I’ve tried.

 Sparkling Water, Caffeine, Strawberry, Kiwi
For More Information:
Website: Avitae – Caffeinated Sparkling Water

Facebook: @Avitae




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