CranRazzAle #Recipe #JuiceCrew @OldOrchardJuice

When I was a kid, I went to a day camp where we learned about kinds of stuff. One of the classes I remember the most was the cooking class. There was one drink recipe that stuck with me through the years. Simple yet tasty. It was just ginger ale with some cranberry juice added. So when I opened up this month’s Juice Crew box from Old Orchard, this was one of the first drinks I wanted to try. It tasted as great as I thought it would.


Old Orchard Cranberry Raspberry Juice

Ginger Ale (I like Canada Dry)

Ice (Optional)

I prefer more carbonation, so I do a 2/3 ginger ale to a 1/3 juice ratio. If you want to taste more juice, I would do 2/3 juice, and 1/3 of the ginger ale. Add ice, if desired.




* I received this juice for free for being a #JuiceCrew Member with Old Orchard *
To Learn more about Old Orchard Promotions,

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