Unboxing my #DailyGoodieBox (Dec 2018)

I am all about trying new food bars. I had never heard of Kize before this Daily Goodie Box. In my mind, you can go wrong with peanut butter, so I was excited that this was the flavor sent.

This bar was pretty good. Great peanut butter taste. It tastes a little dry at times but the taste was so good, I easily looked past that. I can see myself buying this in the future if its available near me. They have a lot of flavors and I want to try them all!

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Alcala San Diego – Deodorizing Body Wipes

I wasn’t sure what to think about these wipes from ready the ingredients on the front. But after trying one, I’m a big fan.

It’s a big wipe. About the size of a paper towel and thick! I enjoyed the scent. Very clean smelling. I felt very fresh after using one of these wipes. I would definitely recommend trying. These would be great for traveling! I’m going to save my other one for the next time I go on vacation.

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The Original MakeUp Eraser – Sample Pack

I couldn’t have been happier when I saw this in this month’s Daily Goodie Box. I am totally out of make up remover wipes and was desperate. This was perfect timing.

When I first opened the package, I immediately noticed the softness of the cloth. The instructions said to add some water and rub together. Then wipe away…

My eye make up came off pretty quick. It was soft on the eyes. I like that I didn’t have to rub. I’m also a big fan that this cloth is reusable & washable.

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Chocolat Frey – Blond Almond Crunch Bar

Seeing this BIG bar in my Daily Goodie Box definitely brought a smile to my face. I have a sweet tooth. If you like white chocolate and almonds, this is the candy bar for you. I’m not a white chocolate fan at all, but I did enjoy the almonds a lot. I gave the rest of the bar to my husband & son and they really liked it. Between the two of them, it was a big hit. This would be Perfect for a stocking stuffer this Christmas.

For more information:

Organic OCHO Candy – Chocolate Covered Coconut Bars 

I absolutely love this piece of candy. The only bad thing was that it was too small. I really enjoy the coconut and the dark chocolate combination. This did not disappoint. I would love to have another one of these or BAG of them. I checked out their website and they have a lot of flavors that I need to try. I could be in big trouble.

Dear Organic Ocho Candy,
I would LOVE to be a brand ambassador for you! 🙂

For more information:

Sprig – CBD Infused Soda

As you may know, I have been living with Ehlers Danlos Type 3 (Hypermobility ~ hEDS) for years now. Chronic Pain, fatigue, dislocations are just a few of the symptoms I deal with on a daily basis. So I am always looking for new products that may help make life a little more tolerable pain wise.

I am very interested in learning more about CBD oil products coming out. I have heard from a lot of different people that it could really help me. So I am just starting to explore what is out there.

This month, Daily Goodie Box included a can of Sprig: CBD infused soda. I didn’t even know CBD infused soda existed, but I will try anything once.

I was a little cautious at first, because I thought it was going to taste horrible. Well, I was wrong. I was sent the citrus flavor and it immediately reminded me of Fresca.

After drinking at least half of the can, I did notice I was able to relax more than usual. I felt calmer. I don’t have much experience with CBD oil yet, but this could open up a whole new world for me.

I would love to try the other flavors sometime. Thank you, Daily Goodie Box for sending this can of Sprig. Could be a game changer for me!

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Hyalogic – Vitamin D3

I am always looking for new(er) vitamins. Better tasting, fun ways to take the vitamins. I’m a big fan of gummies, so I lean towards those when purchasing. I was happy when I saw Vitamin D3 gummies in this month’s Daily Goodie Box. They taste pretty good. Some can taste just awful, but these have a great cherry flavor.

I am definitely going to continue to take these for a while and see I it helps me feel a little better. I’ll keep you posted.

For more information:


The Grandpa Soap Co – Thylox Acne Soap

Here is another Goodie from this month’s Daily Goodie Box. I have a feeling this soap would be pretty awesome.

Currently, I am not having any acne issues, so I haven’t tried it yet. And I have sensitive skin, so I always very cautious. But the next time I have a big breakout, I am going to pull this bar out and see if it does the trick.

For more information:




Herbal Zap – Party Detox

I don’t drink much at all, so this freebie is kinda lost on me. I do have a friend I will be passing this on to… someone who can see if this truly works and how well.

For more information on Herbal Zap – Party Detox Herbal Supplement :



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