Have you tried @CafeDonPablo Coffee Signature Blend? #Coffee

Let’s start this post by saying, I love coffee. And I really enjoyed trying new coffee. A couple of weeks ago, I was on Instagram and saw the feed for Cafe Don Pablo. I noticed they were looking for Brand Ambassadors, so I immediately sent an email to let them know I was interested.

On National Coffee Day (September 29) this amazing box of Cafe Don Pablo Coffee arrived and I couldn’t wait to dig in. I took a bunch of pictures and got out the coffee bean grinder. My husband and I decided to start with the Signature Blend. When I opened the bag, my nose was hit by the enticing smell of fresh coffee. Coffee is one of my favorite scents, smells, fragrances…whatever you want to call it.

This roast was so smooth. I didn’t taste the acidity I usually do with my current morning coffee. I prefer a darker roast, but I always love having a go to for a Blonde or Medium roast. My husband and I really enjoyed the Signature Blend. I definitely see us getting more of the Cafe Don Pablo Signature Blend in our future.

Stay Tuned as I try the other two roasts. Working on finishing the Signature Blend first.

For more information on Cafe Don Pablo Coffee: CLICK HERE

For more information on Cafe Don Pablo Signature Blend: CLICK HERE

To Purchase a Cafe Don Pablo Coffee Mug – Black (shown above): CLICK HERE

To Purchase a set of coffee (mug not included): CLICK HERE

Shop Cafe Don Pablo

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