Unboxing My #DailyGoodieBox (Sept 2018)

Herb Guru – Herbal Tea

I haven’t had much luck with herbal teas in the past. After trying this Vitality tea from Herb Guru, I was pleasantly surprised. It was primarily water, but I tasted a lot of pineapple and orange. It was pretty refreshing. I shared with my husband and he enjoyed it, too. I would consider buying this in the future.

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Herbal Zap – Immune Support Herbal Supplement

For those of you that follow me, know that I’m not much of a flavored Tea person. I am a sweet tea gal.

Herbal Zap has a lot of different teas specific for certain benefits. If you are a tea drinker and enjoy flavored tea, this could be for you!

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Essence of Vali – Sleep Mini Vials

I’m new to oils and products along those lines. I’ve always wanted to research more because I hear they have a lot of benefits for those with chronic pain.

In this month’s Daily Goodie Box, a Sleep Oil was included. I smell a lot of the lavender and a few other scents.

I put a drop or two on a tissue and put it in my pillowcase. This product was not for me, sadly. My nose is a little too sensitive to certain smells.

I will be passing the rest of this vial on to a family member that will LOVE this, I’m certain.

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NeuroGum – EnlightenMint Nootropic Focus Gum

I have been able to try a few different gums lately. The newest for me is Neuro Gum – Enlighten Mint. At first, there is a super intense mint flavor but after 30 seconds or so, the intensity drops and it’s a pretty tasty mint gum. The thing that’s different with this gum, is that it’s supposed to help you remember each day more clearly and help you focus more. They include green tea and caffeine + L-theanine and B vitamins, giving you a boost of energy.

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Sir Kensington’s – Chipotle Mayonnaise

I haven’t tried too many flavored Mayos yet, but I am always willing to try new foods. For this mayonnaise, I wanted to try it with something I make often. I decided to go with a deviled egg. I LOVE deviled eggs. Adding Sir Kensington’s Chipotle Mayonnaise really added a kick to a family favorite. It wasn’t crazy spicy or anything, just a little smokey flavor. I would like to explore more with this mayo. Maybe a chicken, egg or tuna salad? Maybe sandwiches?

Thank you, to Daily Goodie Box for including Sir Kensington’s in this month’s box.

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Organic India – Wellness Infusion Teas

For those of you who are tea drinkers, check out these Prevention Wellness Teas. I receive THRIVE and BALANCE in my latest Daily Goodie Box.

I don’t get terribly adventurous when it comes to Teas. I did try both of them and (for me) it was too much. I can definitely see the benefits. I’m sure that those of you that love tea and different flavors, would probably like this a lot.

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Bubba’s Fine Foods – Blazing Buffalo ‘Nana Chips

I wasn’t sure what to think of Buffalo Banana Chips, when I saw they were going to be in this month’s Daily Goodie Box. I am hit or miss when it comes to Buffalo Sauce/Seasoning.

These ‘nana chips were really quite good. They had a great kick to it, too. It really didn’t feel or taste like I was eating bananas. It was like a spicy chip. Another good thing, was that my fingers didn’t feel dirty when I was done. The seasoning seemed to be contained to just the chip. I mean I would still wash your hands after eating, because there is cayenne and Habanero seasoning, but it wasn’t all over my fingers.

I couldn’t stop eating them. I would definitely consider buying these again in the future. I’ll be checking to see what other flavors they sell. I’m a fan.

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Minute Mixology – Cocktail Mixers Margarita

I am a huge fan of cocktails. I don’t drink much these days for medical reasons, but I really into trying new stuff at least once.

This single serve mix was pretty awesome. So easy to make and very little mess when making it. The package suggests 4-6 oz of water. I started with 4, because I didn’t want to water it down. I probably should have done 5oz, it was a tad strong for me. We had just gotten back from dinner and had some lemonade left over. I added an ounce of Lemonade to weaken it a bit and it was DELICIOUS!

I really enjoyed this item in this month’s Daily Goodie Box. I will definitely be spreading the word.

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Fire & Flavor – Seafood Rub Spice Blend

Seasonings and rubs are a must in my house. I like a variety of flavors for whatever we feel like that day. I am not a huge lemon (citrus) person but from time to time, I try something that I really like.

In this month’s Daily Goodie Box, they included Fire & Flavor Seafood Rub – Lemon Pepper & Herb. It says that it works well with fish, chicken and veggies.

I decided to try this rub on some veggies for a little more flavor. It wasn’t bad, I’m just a salt and pepper girl, less citrus for me.

I would like to try on some fish and chicken in the near future.

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Procosmet – MTJ Most Rich Mascara Black

I have been looking for a while for my favorite mascara. Only recently, have I decided to start trying new products. So when I saw that mascara was in this month’s Daily Goodie Box, I was anxious to try it.

This mascara was exactly what I needed it. No clumping. Goes on very easy. I’m a HUGE fan. I only wear black mascara and this was perfect.

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