August #DailyGoodieBox Unboxing

Wolo WanderBar ~ Peanut Butter Protein Bar

If you have been reading my blog, you know that I love protein and food bars and trying new bars. Peanut Butter & Chocolate are two of my favorites when it comes bars.

This bar is a Wolo Protein WanderBar, Peanut Butter flavor. This bar is packed with 15g Protein, Vitamin C, Zinc, & Tumeric. It is also Soy Free & Gluten Free.

Overall, I enjoyed this bar. It had a great peanut butter flavor. It was a bit on the dry side, but nothing a small glass of milk couldn’t fix. My little one has to try all of the food I get for reviewing purposes and he loved it. Absolutely loved it. I would really like to see what other flavors Wolo Snacks carries.

For more information:
WOLO WanderBar – Peanut Butter Protein Bar

ThatsIt ~ Apple & Blueberry Fruit Bar

I tried a That’s It Bar not too long ago. That flavor was Mango Chili, I believe. I wasn’t a huge fan, only because I am not a mango fan. But I love trying food bars. So I was super excited when I heard I was going to be able to try a different flavor from That’s It in my Daily Goodie Box. Apples & Blueberries are definitely more my speed.

While these bars weren’t bad, I personally need a bit of sugar or sweetener. I do love that there are only two ingredients: Apples + Blueberries. That’s It. I was thinking that this might taste really good chopped up and baked into a muffin.

For more information:
That’s it – Apple + Blueberries Fruit Bar

The Grandpa Soap Co. ~ Witch Hazel Shampoo & Conditioner

One of the things I love trying is new shampoos and conditioners. So needless to say, I was excited when I saw I would be sent a set in this month’s Daily Goodie Box. I had never tried a Witch Hazel hair product before this one.

At first, I was a little unsure if I would like it because of how it smelled when I opened the cap. Currently, I use Honey or Avocado Oil Shampoo/Conditioner. This set really smelled like Witch Hazel. But once I started to use it, and it began to lather… I could really smell more of the Lavender Oil & Coconut. My hair felt incredibly soft and smooth when I rinsed. And I ended up being a fan.

I don’t think I’ll switch from my current but I may consider buying some and using it from time to time. I am really happy I was able to try this. I never would have bought on my own, without trying it first.

For more information:
The Granpa Soap Co – Witch Hazel Shampoo and Conditioner

Veroni ~ Iron Energy

Here is another sample from my Daily Goodie Box. I hadn’t heard of Iron Energy before I this box. I received the Mojito Flavor. While it was minty, I wasn’t thinking Mojito… I thought more like I was spearmint. I was not able to finish the can.

I would still try a different flavor before writing off Iron Energy. Mojito is a very specific flavor and I know there are a few other choices.

For more information:
Veroni – Iron Energy

Napz ~ All Natural Sleep Solution

I am always down to try sleep aids. I have such a problem sleeping because of my medical issues, I can’t ever get a full night’s sleep. Ever! So I need to rely on sleep aids to help me get through my sleepless nights.

Lately, I have been trying a lot of different aids. Some work, some don’t. I still have my constant brand that I use, but I am always open to new products.

I need a sleep aid that helps me fall asleep, stay asleep and not wake up groggy. Those are my big 3 when it comes to sleep aids. I am in constant pain anyway, so I don’t NEED a pain reliever. Just need the sleep.

Daily Goodie Box included this nice sized bottle of Napz All Natural Short Term Sleep Aid. It works. I am going to want to try these a few more times but I liked it. I have had a lot going on this week, and with my medical issues, it was hard to exactly how much I like it. It’s definitely worth a try.

For more information:
Napz – All-Natural Sleep Solution

BrightDay ~ Hangover Prevention

I am definitely going to keep these on hand for the next time I go out to have some fun. I can’t drink much for medical reasons, but once in a while I like to let loose. Knowing I have hangover relief waiting for me… will make it easier to have my fun. I’ll update you when I am able to try this.

For more information:
BrightDay – Hangover Preventions

TeaPigs ~ Rhubarb & Ginger Tea

We enjoy tea in our house. We tend to stick more to sweet tea and black tea but I am always ready to try something new.

I haven’t had much rhubarb in my life but I remember loving a strawberry rhubarb pie when I was younger. I enjoy ginger in small amounts. So I was intrigued when I received Tea Pigs Rhubarb & Ginger Tea.

I love the packaging. It’s so different than most teas that I’ve seen. It definitely stands out. It was just ok for me, but again I don’t do a lot of flavored tea. If you like ginger, I would definitely give this tea a try. I am really interested to see what other flavors Tea Pigs carry. This sample came with 2 bags and I will have my husband try the other one. He is more of a flavored tea person than I am.

For more information:
Teapigs – Rhubarb & Ginger Tea

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