Unboxing My #DailyGoodieBox (July 2018)

Svelte – Banana Creme Organic Protein Shake

I am always looking for a good protein shake. Typically, I tend to go for chocolate but I will try any flavor, once. When this banana crème Shake was included in my Daily Goodie Box, I was anxious to try it but didn’t have my hopes up.

Let me tell you, this shake was delicious. Banana flavor can be really good or really bad, in my opinion. This banana crème shake was thick and creamy and actually tasted like banana. Not that imitation flavor you get with a lot of sweets or candy.

My 4 year old wanted to try it too, so I let him have a sip. His eyes got really big and he tried to take it away from me. He said, “I have to drink this because I need to get big and strong.” I didn’t let him have it… but he sure tried.

I am so glad I was able to try this shake. I looked into the company’s products a little more and with a little bit of chatting on Instagram with Svelte, I have to try their other flavors.

“…We do have other flavors. Chocolate, Cappuccino, French Vanilla, Spiced Chai, and then the Banana Crème. All organic, vegan, and gluten-free. ”

Snippet of My chat with Svelte on Instagram

For more information:
Svelte – Banana Creme Organic Protein Shake


Bakery On Main – Double Chocolate Granola Bars

I am a big fan of granola bars. When I saw that a double chocolate bar was going to be included in this month’s Daily Goodie Box, I definitely smiled.

I have heard of Bakery on Main before but have never tried their products. Double chocolate granola is a good place to start.

It was chocolatey for sure. I liked it. The bar itself was a little chewy. Personally, I like my granola a little softer, if that makes any sense. But it was good. I ate the whole thing, well almost. My four year old had to try it, too. He loves it when I am sent new food.

Click to Shop Bakery on Main Now

For more information:
Bakery On Main – Double Chocolate Granola Bars

Herbal Zap – Party Detox Herbal Supplement

I don’t drink much at all, so this freebie is kinda lost on me. I do have a friend I will be passing this on to… someone who can see if this truly works and how well.

Below is a picture of the back of the packet, so you can get a better idea of what’s inside.

For more information:
Herbal Zap – Party Detox Herbal Supplement

Buy Party Detox Now

Fix – Signature Sriracha Hot Sauce

This Sriracha Sauce is amazingly delicious. I’m new to sriracha and what a way to start. I tried it with grilled cheese for my first tasting. So darn good. Thank you to Daily Goodie Box for including this in this month’s box. I would have never known.

It is not super spicy, but it has a crave-able flavor to it. The sauce is thick and not runny like some hot sauces. I am not a big hot sauce fan to begin with, but as soon as I tasted this, so many ideas popped into my head. This sauce would be perfect for tacos and quesadillas. It would be good on a juicy steak, too. I plan on trying this sriracha sauce on a lot of different foods. And I can’t wait! I already know I need to buy a bottle of this sauce. It looks like my best option is going to be online.

Do yourself a favor and try this sauce. You won’t be disappointed.

For more information:
Fix – Signature Sriracha Hot Sauce

Fix Hot Sauce Logo
Shop Fix Hot Sauce Now


Glee Gum – Natural Chewing Gum

I am not an avid gum chewer but I was excited when I going to be able to try some Glee Gum. I have heard of Glee before but I had never tried it myself. Daily Goodie Box sent Watermelon Glee Gum. I was definitely intrigued. I used to chew watermelon gum when I was a kid and really liked it.

When I first started to chew, I was surprised with how sweet the watermelon gum tasted. It wasn’t the over artificially sweet gum I remember from my childhood. The only thing I noticed that I wasn’t a fan of, was the sweetness was gone after about 5-7 minutes.

For more information:
Glee Gum – Natural Chewing Gum (Watermelon)

Glee Guy
Shop Glee Gum Now

Oogie’s Snacks – Gourmet Popcorn

If you like movie popcorn, I would definitely try this. It has the great taste of movie popcorn but none of the mess. Plus, this is way healthier.  Daily Goodie Box included Oogie’s Snacks Gourmet Popcorn in this month’s box and we were glad they did. Little man is chowing down as I type.

For more information:
Oogie’s Snacks – Gourmet Popcorn

Click to Shop Oogie’s Popcorn Now

Curoxen – First Aid Ointment

Daily Goodie Box included a sample of Curoxen’s First Aid Ointment in this month’s box. We are always using first aid ointments in our house. I am sure it will only be a matter of time, before we are using this sample. Once I do, I will post more about the effectiveness of this ointment. If you want more information on this All Natural, Organic First Aid Ointment that is to be 5x stronger at killing germs, see below.

For more information:
Curoxen – First Aid Ointment

Click to Buy Now on Amazon

Tiger Balm – Pain Relieving Patch

I was introduced to Tiger Balm about 5 years ago from a neighbor. I had used the stuff that comes in a little tin. I had broken my toe (and didn’t realize it at the time) but the next morning, I couldn’t walk it was so swollen. My neighbor went next door to get this stuff and he brought it back. It smelled so strong but he said, trust me this works. He rubbed some on my toe and after a few minutes, my foot was tingling and I was starting to feel blood circulate again. It was crazy, but it worked. I continued to use it and it helped the healing process better than anything I had tried before.

So when I saw that Daily Goodie Box was including a Tiger Balm pain patch, I was in. With my medical issues, I have a lot of pain… all over my body. This patch is going to come in very handy the next time I am hurting. When that happens, which I am sure it will be any day now, I will post more about how effectiveness of this product.

For more information on this Pain Patch:


Buy Tiger Balm Pain Patch Now
Click to Shop Tiger Balm

Daily Goodie Box
It’s more than just Free Samples!

I received this Daily Goodie Box for free.
If you want a chance to receive your own,
go to www.dailygoodiebox.com 

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