I loved this banana crème shake! So good @DrinkSvelte #DailyGoodieBox

I am always looking for a good protein shake. Typically, I tend to go for chocolate but I will try any flavor, once. When this banana crème Shake was included in my Daily Goodie Box, I was anxious to try it but didn’t have my hopes up.

Let me tell you, this shake was delicious. Banana flavor can be really good or really bad, in my opinion. This banana crème shake was thick and creamy and actually tasted like banana. Not that imitation flavor you get with a lot of sweets or candy.

My 4 year old wanted to try it too, so I let him have a sip. His eyes got really big and he tried to take it away from me. He said, “I have to drink this because I need to get big and strong.” I didn’t let him have it… but he sure tried.

I am so glad I was able to try this shake. I looked into the company’s products a little more and with a little bit of chatting on Instagram with Svelte, I have to try their other flavors.

“…We do have other flavors. Chocolate, Cappuccino, French Vanilla, Spiced Chai, and then the Banana Crème. All organic, vegan, and gluten-free. ”

Snippet of My chat with Svelte on Instagram

For more information:
Svelte – Banana Creme Organic Protein Shake



I received this Daily Goodie Box for free.
If you want a chance to receive your own,
go to www.dailygoodiebox.com

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