#PlantersNutInsiders Campaign

I was selected by The Insiders to try these Planter’s Products for FREE.

Planters NUT•trition Essential Nutrients Mix

This mix is absolutely delicious. The little hint of sea salt just makes it. I would definitely buy these in the future.

I went over to the Planters website to see what other mixes they make. There are several mixes. And I can’t wait to try every one of them.

For more information on Planters NUT•trition Mixes


Mesquite Barbecue Crunchers

The mesquite barbecue crunchers were good. But I find myself craving the Essentials Nutrients Mix (above). These had a nice bbq seasoning. If you like BBQ flavored snacks, you should try these.

For more information on Planter’s Crunchers:


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