Prince and Spring KCup Coffee #DailyGoodieBox

Included in this month’s Daily Goodie Box is Prince & Springs Kcups. Three different roasts. I love coffee. I drink a cup every morning to get me going. Lately, I’ve really been into dark roasts. I was a little bummed when I saw that the top of the French Roast was squished and open. So sadly, I was not able to sample that one.

So I started with the Columbian Roast and it was nice. Not as strong as I like but a perfect roast for an afternoon coffee, which is when I enjoyed it. It mixed well with my cream and sugar. I would definitely drink this again.

Next, I enjoyed the breakfast blend. Again, nice taste. I just prefer stronger and darker. I would recommend these though. Good taste. I didn’t have any bad after tastes either.

For more information:

I received this Daily Goodie Box for free.
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