@dailygoodiebox May Unboxing! (May 2018)

Liquid Ice Energy Drink – Blue

I don’t drink a lot of energy drinks other than coffee. Most of them seem to give me the jitters. I have enough medical issues on a daily basis, I don’t add to it.

For this product, I am just going to review the taste. I didn’t drink the whole thing to see if I would get the energy or jitters. So as far as taste, this was a blue raspberry punchy flavor. It wasn’t bad. The first sip made me pucker, but again, I don’t drink a lot of energy drinks. So that could be how they taste. It was a nice, slender can. The can itself would definitely get my attention in the store. Regarding taste only, I would recommend trying this energy drink.

For more information: http://liquidiceenergy.com/#products

Day Clear – Pain Reliever

I don’t have an immediate need to take this type of pain reliever but I will be keeping it close for when the need arises. I will be able to make a better review once I am able to see if and how it works. This is a perfect size for traveling.

I have seen a lot these days on Day Clear. They have different one bottle doses. Sleep Aid, Allergy, Pain Reliever… click below to learn more.

For more information:

Here is the link for ALL of their products:

Enfusia Lemongrass Bath Bomb

I am not a big bath person. I have always been more of a shower gal. But once in a while, I will soak in a tub. Receiving this bath bomb gave me the perfect excuse to soak up a little bath time. I am also not a big fan of Lemon Grass but I am all about trying new things.

After trying, I was actually a big fan of this bath bomb all around. I loved the lemony scent. And I really enjoyed my bath. It has been years since I’ve taken one and it was nice to sit and relax. Recommended.

For more information:

Real Chemistry – Luminous 3-Minute Peel

Unfortunately, this sample of Real Chemistry was also damaged. The sample that was in last month’s box also didn’t ship well. The lid was completely off and the “peel” seem to get on some of the other products. The post office had to repackage my Daily Goodie Box, I guess because of the mess. I really want to try some of the Real Chemistry products but they don’t seem to ship well or have been packaged to contain a mess.

There is still a tiny bit of the product in the tube, but I don’t know if air to the product changes what it’s supposed to do.

For more information:

Bug Protector – All Natural Bug Repellent (Mosquitoes)

This product couldn’t have come at a better time. The bugs are out. And I am one that they like. I ALWAYS get mosquito bites. This sample comes in a perfect little bottle. Great for your pocket or your purse.

When I first sprayed it, I noticed how sweet it smells. Most bug repellants do not smell that great. This was a soft, sweet smell. That could be because this is DEET free. Note that when using. It has been raining a lot today, so I went ahead and sprayed my arms. I haven’t had any problems yet today. That’s great!

I am going to keep this bottle by the back door when I am home and probably put it in my purse when we go out for an evening. I like this product so far.

For more information:

Herr’s Good Natured Baked Ranch Vegetable Crisps

We have been trying different veggie chips and crisps lately. I was excited to try these that came in my Daily Goodie Box: Good Natured Baked Ranch Vegetable Crisps.

At first I noticed that there was a lot of seasoning on the crisp. Many of the veggie chips/crisps we have tried are very plain. I absolutely loved these chips. The ranch flavoring just makes it. But if you think about it, many of us dip our veggies IN ranch dressing, so a ranch flavored veggie crisp makes total sense!

My four year old tried these as well, and he really liked them. He wanted to finish the bag. That’s a good sign. I definitely see us purchasing these in the future.

For more information:

Herbal Zap – Digestive Support

Here is another goodie from my Daily Goodie Box. It’s Herbal Zap Digestive Support Drink. I added the water and dissolved the contents.

It tasted like tea. It was just ok. For me to drink tea, I go to the sweet side. That is nothing against this product, it’s just a personal preference.  I don’t see myself drinking this often. I’m very particular when it comes to tea and support drinks. Most just don’t taste that good to me.

I’m sure that someone who drinks herbal beverages and teas… this would be right up your alley. Herbal Zap has a few different products that you may find interesting.

For more information:

Evo Hemp Bar – Cashew Cacao

I am really into meal and snack bars. I don’t eat a lot during the day, so I am always looking for food bars to get me through until dinner. I haven’t tried Evo Hemp before. But luckily, one was included in this month’s Daily Goodie Box.

The flavor I received was Cashew Cacao. This one sounded right up my alley. It looks like a lot of other food bars, so no surprises there. That’s good.

After the first bite, it seemed a bit dry but then quickly seemed to moisten up. It was good. Not as sweet as some bars tend to be. It wasn’t my favorite bar but it was good. I’d like to see what other flavors these bars come in and see if there is something that I would like a little more.

For more information

Ultima Replenisher

I love trying to drinks & beverages. So I was excited to see that this Daily Goodie Box included a Replenisher packet. When I cut the end, I instantly could smell the powder. It was sweet and cherry scent. I dissolved it into 16 oz of water and enjoyed. This was a really nice drink. It wasn’t TOO sweet and it wasn’t too weak. It was the perfect amount of flavor. I drank half of it right after I took the trash out and it was quite refreshing on this humid Spring morning. I would definitely recommend.

This is Vegan, Gluten Free, Caffeine Free, Zero Calories, Zero Sugar

For more information:

I received this Daily Goodie Box for free.
If you want a chance to receive your own,
go to www.dailygoodiebox.com 

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