@Barnana is a fun new way to get your Potassium… and it tastes good too!

I received a package of these in my Prime Sample Snack Box. I wasn’t sure what to think at first. They taste a little odd but not bad. Banana and coconut work. Plus, I am always looking for new ways to get more potassium. These are perfect.

My little one really enjoyed these potassium bites, as well. He kept asking for more. I saw that Barnana carries other flavors in these bites. I’d love to try them all to see what flavors we like. Also, I saw they have a Banana Brittle. That sounds amazing! Our family loves bananas. And with my medical issues, I’m down for fun new ways to make sure I’m not cramping up at night.

Also, I’ve recently discovered Plantain Chips. The only brand I’ve tried is Goya. I see that Barnana sells these chips too! I just want to try everything they offer!!

If you have any Blogger Boxes, I’d love to blog about your amazing products. Let me know 🙂

For more on Barnana: CLICK HERE

Shop Barnana NOW

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