@DailyGoodieBox Unboxing! #DailyGoodieBox (April 2018)

I was asked by Daily Goodie Box to do another unboxing. I was very honored to receive another one to share with you all. What are we waiting for? Let’s dive in!

RawRev Organic – Chunky Peanut Butter Chocolate

I’ve been on a Bar kick lately, trying different kinds: protein, fruit & nut, meal replacements. I hadn’t tried RawRev yet, so I was happy when I saw one in my Daily Goodie Box.

Chocolate Peanut Butter is one of my favorite bar combos, so I was lucky with the choice I was sent. Very happy.

After my first bite, I noticed how soft and easy it was to break off a piece and to chew. The flavor was really nice, too. I could definitely taste a little chocolate. And there were nice big pieces of peanuts for some texture.

I’d definitely like to try some other products from RawRev.

For more information on RawRev: Click Here

Prince & Spring Fruitmoji Fruit Snacks

When I saw that gummy fruit snacks were going to be in my Daily Goodie Box, I was super excited. I’ve been enjoying fruit snacks since I was a kid, and now I eat them with my little man. He LOVES fruit snacks. We tried these together, and we both really enjoyed the taste.

These snacks are really fruity. And very easy to chew. Not rubbery like some fruit snacks out there. I love fruit snacks that are made with real fruit juice. It just makes them more enjoyable. My son really enjoyed them too. My only criticism is the “shapes” of the fruit snacks. I totally love the concept of Emojis, but I really don’t want to eat, or have my son eat a fruit snack shaped like “Number 2”. I think there are many other adorable emojis that can be used instead of that one.

For more information on Prince & Spring Fruitmoji Fruit Snacks: Click Here

Real Chemistry Foaming Cleanser

I have actually been looking for new facial cleansers to try and I was anxious to try this one that came in my Daily Goodie Box. This is from Real Chemistry. Cute little packaging on this sample.

One thing I will have to say, when I opened my Daily Goodie Box, it was obviously that there was a little bit of a spill. I don’t know if the lid wasn’t screwed on all the way for this cleanser or if was weather related, but it wasn’t a full sample and the product had been exposed to air for a while. I’m not sure if that had any effect on the product, but I wanted to share that with you.

I used the cleanser and I did feel that it cleaned my face well. It didn’t smell great, but I don’t know anything about cleansers. And again, I don’t know if the fact that the sample was opened played a role. I would like to try this product again, without the problem of the product being opened prior to receiving.

For more information:
Real Chemistry- Fresh -Start Foaming Cleanser

Flathaus Fine Foods – Cinnamon Snaps

Ok, let’s start this post by telling you that I love cookies. I love all different kinds. And I especially love trying NEW cookies.

In my Daily Goodie Box, I received a package of Flathau’s Cinnamon Snaps. These shortbread cookies are absolutely delicious. A nice, evenly balanced, cinnamon flavor. We loved the little crunchy candies inside and the powdered sugar coating to top it off.

I immediately went to their website to see what other flavors they have with the Snaps. Plus, these come in a variety of sizes! The entire family LOVED the Cinnamon Snaps. We only wish it was a bigger package. We will definitely be buying more in the future. HIGHLY RECOMMEND!

For more information:
Flathau’s Fine Foods – Cinnamon Snaps

Good Karma Flaxmilk Chocolate Protein Drink

I love protein shakes. I drink them often because I don’t have much of an appetite in the morning and early afternoon, but I rely on shakes and bars to get me to the meals I am able to enjoy. With my EDS, I just don’t eat much. And when I do, its not a lot.

Daily Goodie Box included a Good Karma Chocolate Omega 3 + Protein Shake in their package. This one is made from Flaxmilk and its Dairy Free. I don’t think I’ve tried anything with Flaxmilk yet and I know I haven’t tried anything from Good Karma. I’m excited. It’s like a bonus.

This shake was just ok for me. It was not as rich as most chocolate protein shakes, which also means not as much flavor. It also didn’t seem as thick as other protein shakes, but that isn’t a bad thing. Some shakes are too thick. The flaxmilk wasn’t bad, it’s just not a taste that I would find myself drawn to regarding future purchases.

I did look at their website and I am very interested in trying the yogurt.

For more information:

Good Karma – Dairy Free Flaxmilk

DayClear – Allergy Relief

I don’t have a lot of luck with allergy medicines. Some of them seem to make it worse. Like nasal sprays that smell like flowers and I’m allergic to flowers. I have been hearing a lot about DayClear lately. I received a One Dose sample from Daily Goodie Box to try for free. I was grateful I am able to try this when I am in need for some Allergy Relief.

I’ve also seen they have a sleep aid too! That also might be worth trying.

For more information
DayClear Allergy Relief:

Foods Alive – Himalayan Pink Salt

I have been hearing about Himalayan Pink salt for maybe a year and the benefits of the salt. When Daily Goodie Box included Pink Salt in this months box, I was very intrigued. There are so many different wants to use the pink salt (Links below for ideas). I’m thinking I may try the pink salt bath or just use it to cook with, haven’t decided yet.

For more information:
Foods Alive – Himalayan Pink Salt

Here are some links that can give you some ideas of how to use Himalayan Pink Salt:

Good Wipes

I know a lot of us get uncomfortable talking about certain subjects. And I will admit, I am one of them. But its something we all deal with. Stay fresh. I was able to try some Good Wipes that were included in this month’s Daily Goodie Box.

These lightweight wipes would be perfect for your purse, especially in the summer time. Staying fresh in the summer can be difficult. These work well. They come in a nice wrapped package, that can be kept discreet in your bag or even your pocket.

For more information:

Good Wipes – Down there wipes for gals


Fourth & Heart – Madagascar Vanilla Bean Ghee Butter

I know absolutely nothing about Ghee Butter. I had never heard of it before I had received it in my Daily Goodie Box. So I immediately went to their website and browsed around. I found a bunch of recipes that you can use the Madagascar Vanilla Bean Ghee Butter. But most of the recipes require a lot of ingredients I don’t have on hand. So after reading through these recipes, I decided to take an idea of theirs and make something with what I do have here in the house.

I saw that there was a recipe for Morning Glory Pancakes. Well, we love pancakes. I do have some Bisquickhere, so let’s try it with this. In the Morning Glory recipe, the Ghee is used ON the griddle and then you pour on your pancake batter. So that’s exactly what I did. I mixed up the Bisquick batter, and put some Ghee Butter on to the heating griddle.

Here is how is turned out…

This was absolutely delicious. A little hint of vanilla soaked into the outside. I’m so glad I was able to try Ghee Butter. I never would have bought on my own.

For more information:
Fourth & Heart – Madagascar Vanilla Bean Ghee Butter

Recipes: https://fourthandheart.com/recipes/

Here are just a few things you can make with the Madagascar Vanilla Bean Ghee Butter

Figgy Poptart

Vanilla Bean & Pumpkin Spice Almond Butter

Morning Glory Pancakes

Coconut Macaroons

I received this Daily Goodie Box for free.
If you want a chance to receive your own, go to www.dailygoodiebox.com

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