Have you tried Loaf Slime? #DailyGoodieBox

I was very excited to see that I was going to be receiving this in my Daily Goodie Box. I have been super stressed lately and this sounded like the perfect thing to use.

When I first opened it, I was hit with the beautiful lavender scent. One of the better lavenders that I’ve smelled.  When I first pulled it out of the container, it was a runny mess. This was not thick, as described on Instagram and their Etsy site. I began watching some videos to see if I was just mishandling the slime. The videos show that it is supposed to be a thick slime that you can easily pull out and “fold” into itself on a flat surface. Maybe, that is where I went wrong. I was just playing with it in my hands.

So I tried it for a second time.

The second time was less messy, but that’s because I didn’t want to pull it all the way out of the container. The first time was WAY too messy. Now, leaving it in the container was definitely cleaner. I could pull it up and stretch it, and then it fall back down. I may try playing with it again a little later on a hard surface to see if it sticks or can be manipulated.

It was fun. I would like to see what other slimes Loaf Slime carries.

To learn more about Loaf Slime:
Loaf Slime – Lavender Aromatherapy Dough

I received this in my Daily Goodie Box for free.
If you want a chance to receive your own, go to www.dailygoodiebox.com

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