Fruitmoji Fruit Snacks #dailygoodiebox

When I saw that gummy fruit snacks were going to be in my Daily Goodie Box, I was super excited. I’ve been enjoying fruit snacks since I was a kid, and now I eat them with my little man. He LOVES fruit snacks. We tried these together, and we both really enjoyed the taste.

These snacks are really fruity. And very easy to chew. Not rubbery like some fruit snacks out there. I love fruit snacks that are made with real fruit juice. It just makes them more enjoyable. My son really enjoyed them too. My only criticism is the “shapes” of the fruit snacks. I totally love the concept of Emojis, but I really don’t want to eat, or have my son eat a fruit snack shaped like “Number 2”. I think there are many other adorable emojis that can be used instead of that one.

For more information on Prince & Spring Fruitmoji Fruit Snacks: Click Here

Currently Unavailable on Amazon: Here is the link to bookmark

I received this product from Daily Goodie Box for free.
To sign up for your own Daily Goodie Box: Click Here

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