My First #QuestBar

One of the great samples from the Amazon Nutrition & Wellness Sample Box is a Quest Bar. I’ve been wanting to try these, and every time I signed up for a free sample… it never arrived. So yay. I get to try it.

This flavor was Chocolate chip cookie dough. I don’t usually have high hopes for cookie dough flavored anything but ice cream, but I enjoyed this. The bar itself was sweet enough where I didn’t feel like I was eating a healthy Bar. It was soft enough which made it really easy to chew. Overall, I’m a fan.

I would definitely buy this one again. And I’d like to try more from Quest Bar.

Dear Quest Nutrition, I’d be happy to blog my way through each flavor if you’d like to send a sample box 🙂

For more information on this protein bar: Click Here

Buy Now on Amazon

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