@TheYankeeCandle Ombre Bag

We’ve been looking for new fragrances and ways to make the house smell pretty. We’ve tried some plugins, candles, sprays over the years trying to find what works the best. But we needed some new fragrances, I’m sick of the same stuff over and over.

I received an email from Yankee Candle about a sale they were having on room sprays and fragrance spheres, so I decided to check it out. There were a lot of new fragrances that I hadn’t tried or even heard of before. This was my chance to try some new stuff… on sale! I’m always looking for deals and getting the most out of a dollar.

So after I added a bunch of stuff, I qualified for this cool Ombre Bag for $15. I was so happy I added this. I am in love with these scents.

Sweet Nothings

I was surprised at how much I liked this one. It was a very clean and fresh smell but with a little sweetness. My husband seemed to like it as well. I will definitely buy more in this scent.

For more on Sweet Nothings:


Sun-Drenched Apricot Rose

Another surprise for me. I don’t like floral fragrances at all. They make me sneeze and I’m just not a fan. But this one, with the apricot, it was much sweeter and I really liked it.

For more on Sun-drenched Apricot Rose: CLICK HERE

Juicy Citrus & Sea Salt

And yet another one that I didn’t think I’d like and I do, very much. I also don’t do much Citrus but this was different than most. It reminded me of the beach. It was tropical but really pleasant to the nose. The sea salt balances the citrus.

For more on Juicy Citrus & Sea Salt: CLICK HERE

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