@RxBar #ProteinBar

I’m always looking for new bars and shakes for meal replacements or added nutrition. Because of my medical condition, sometimes it really hard for me to eat. And I need new tasty products to try and see what will work for me.

So far, I’ve been a fan of the RXBars. They have a few great flavors for the kids. My son loves them! I’ve only been able to try two of the adult bars. And they are just ok… so far.

The first one I tried was the dark chocolate with sea salt. It was just a little to dry for me. It needed a little more sea salt, too.

I just tried the Chocolate Peanut Butter. I noticed I could try a bar through Amazon Prime Samples, so I added this one to the cart. Now this bar was definitely more moist and didn’t leave my mouth dry.

This one was also ok. I was looking for a little more peanut butter taste. But when I need a quick snack to help me through the day, I wouldn’t mind having this one handy.

I just need to be able to try more flavors until I know if RXBar is the one for me.


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