#DunkinDonuts #Coffee: #Coconut #Caramel

A while back, I signed up for some #FreeSamples of Dunkin Donuts flavored coffee. We’ve recently bought a regular coffee pot and now I can try some of my coffee samples I’ve been saving.

So today, I decided to try the Dunkin Coconut Caramel. It was the least appealing to me just based on the name. As soon as I poured the grounds into the coffee filter, a sweet caramel scent filled the air. The aroma only got stronger as the coffee continued to brew. I have to say, I loved the smell. I was very surprised I would be as anxious to try it as I was.

So a few sips in and it’s quite delicious. I take my coffee with cream & sugar. It was a great cup of sweet indulgent coffee.

This flavor was part of the Dunkinathome.com Bakery Series. They had a vote between three flavors: Blueberry, Coconut Caramel & Dulce De Leche. The Dulce de Leche was the winner. I didn’t have a working coffee pot at the time of the vote. We only had Kcups. And using the plastic kcup thingy for ground coffee just never tastes the same to me. So I didn’t want to waste it when I couldn’t enjoy it to the fullest. So I’m trying them now.

There are many flavors available under the Bakery Series: DunkinAtHome

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