ABC Sandwiches

For those of you that don’t like tomatoes and choose not to indulge in BLTs, here is an amazing alternative.

Shorty after my husband and I met, several years ago, he made this sandwich for me. At first, I was a bit hesitant because I’m not a big avocado fan. I guess I’m very selective on how I enjoy them. But I was ready to try this sandwich he loved so much. It was something his mom used to make him when he was younger. ABC Sandwiches.

It was one of the easiest, tastiest sandwiches I had had in a long time. I was a PBJ or ham and cheese kinda gal. But this was so different, and there were so many individual textures that kept me interested.

So here is the incredibly easy and delicious sandwich recipe.

ABC. avocado, bacon & cheese. What’s not to love?

ABC Sandwiches






Mayo (optional)

Black Pepper (optional)


Cook your bacon. Set aside.

Slice avocados.

Select your cheese. We use sharp cheddar.

Use whatever bread you enjoy, lightly toast it.

Then put a little mayo & fresh cracked pepper on the inside of the sandwich bread.

Add cheese, bacon & sliced avocado.


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